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Dance Creations offers a variety of dance styles giving students the opportunity to find their favourite style, expand their dance education and become well-rounded dancers.

Dance Creations Acro Dance Group Posed

Acro is a combination of dance and gymnastics.

Students will learn contortion, tumbling and balancing tricks which will help develop and improve strength, flexibility and control. Dancers will also be taught basic dance techniques so that they are able to move from one acro trick to another easily throughout their choreography.

Dance Creations Ballet Dancers Posed in Nutrcracker attire.

Ballet is one of the foundations of dance.

Students will develop proper alignment, posture, control, balance and discipline. With attention to detail, ballet helps a dancer improve their technique, turns and jumps. Any student considering competitive dance in the future should enrol in ballet.


Dance Creations creative dance group posed.

Creative Dance is an introduction into dance.

Specifically designed for children between the ages of 2 and 3 years old, children will learn basic dance technique, movement, musicality, and teamwork in a fun environment.

Dance Creations Contemporary Dance Group posed.

Contemporary is a fusion of modern dance, classical ballet and popular dance styles.

It gives the dancer the chance to play with improvisational movement, floorwork and innovative sequences. This style of dance requires maturity, stamina, strength and creativity, and choreography can be danced to different genres of music.

Dance Creations Hip Hop Dance Group posed.

Hip Hop is a popular form of dance that is both energetic and fun.

Students will learn different styles of hip hop through combinations to today’s trendiest music. Hip hop teaches dancers to be confident, develop musicality and learn movements from their favorite music videos.

Dance Creations Jazz Dance Group posed.

Jazz is characterized by its isolations, body rolls, sharp and smooth movements, rhythmic accents and individual style.

It is an energetic dance form that increases strength and flexibility. Students will learn basic jazz steps and progress to exciting turns and jumps as well as transitional movements that are essential in all other dance forms and choreography.

Dance Creations Lyrical performer posed in mid-air.

Lyrical is a combination of jazz, and classical ballet.

This beautiful dance form teaches students to listen to their music, interpret the lyrics and tell a story through their expressions, movements and emotion.

Dance Creations Competitive Dance Team - First Dance - Posed in chairs

Musical Theatre is the unique combination of drama and dance.

Students will learn to portray a character through lip-syncing, their expressions, characterization and movements to the music. This fun dance style teaches dancers to let loose and perform as if they were in a Broadway musical!

Dance Creations parent and tot dance style.

Parent and Tot
is a great way for your child to experience movement, and music with you!

These shorter sessions help develop coordination, and musicality in a social environment. Classes are made up of circle dances, songs and rhymes, across the floor activities and our imagination. Parents and tot is a wonderful way to be active, meet new people and dance with your child.

Dance Creations Tap performer posed.

Tap is a fun way for students to develop coordination, musicality and timing while learning to create musical sequences with your feet!

Dancers will learn basic to complex tap steps and rhythmical patterns to all sorts of music.


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