The recreational program at Dance Creations is for ages 2 and up! Our recreational classes teaches dance to students who are new to the dance world, want to be active, make new friends and nurture their talent in a non-stressful and fun environment while still learning how to dance.

You can decide on what type of dance/dances you want to experience that is easy to commit to and fits your schedule. Classes consist of a warm up to improve flexibility, coordination and prevent injury. This is followed by center work, which introduces dancers to new technique that becomes progressively more challenging based on the experience level of the class your child is enrolled in.

Dancers will be taught fun routines in order to further develop their dance ability. In the second half of the season, each class will be taught choreography that will be complimented by an age appropriate costume. An annual year end dance recital will give students the chance to perform for their family and friends, and show what they have learned throughout the dance season!

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