SCHEDULE 2016-2017

Registration begins July, 2016

Classes run from September 12th, 2016 to June 12th, 2017

36 Week Season: September, 2016 to June, 2017
Age 3-5
Monday 4:30pm Level 1 Ballet age 3-5 ND Saturday 9:00am Level 1 ballet age 4-5 MM
Wednesday 5:15pm Level 1 Acro age 4-5 TBA Sunday 9:00am Level 1 Ballet/Jazz age 3-5 TBA
Friday 4:30pm Level 1 Musical Theatre age 4-5 JB Sunday 9:45am Level 1 Acro age 3-5 TBA
Friday 5:15pm Level 1 Hip Hop age 3-5 JB    
Age 6-8
Monday 4:30pm Level 1 Hip Hop age 6-8 AP Friday 4:45pm Level 2 Jazz age 6-8 AP
Monday 5:15pm Level 1 Ballet age 6-8 AP Friday 6:00pm Level 1 Jazz age 6-8 JB
Monday 6:00pm Level 2 Musical Theatre age 6-8 AP Saturday 9:45am Level 2 Ballet age 6-8 MM
Monday 6:45pm Level 2 Tap age 6-8 AP Sunday 9:45am Level 1 Boys Hip Hop age 6-8 AD
Wednesday 4:30pm Level 1 Acro age 6-8 TBA Sunday 10:30am Level 1 Hip Hop age 6-8 AD
Wednesday 6:00pm Level 2 Hip Hop age 6-8 TBA Sunday 11:15am Level 1 Acro age 6-8 TBA
Wednesday 6:45pm Level 2 acro age 6-8 HB    
Age 9-12
Monday 6:45pm Level 2 Lyrical age 9-12 ND Friday 5:30pm Level 1 Ballet/Jazz age 9-12 AP
Monday 7:30pm Level 2 Musical Theatre age 9-12 AP Friday 7:00pm Level 2 Tap age 9-12 AP
Wednesday 6:45pm Level 2 Hip Hop age 9-12 TBA Friday 7:45pm Level 2 Jazz age 9-12 ND
Wednesday 7:30pm Level 2 Acro age 9-12 HB Sunday 11:15am Level 1 Hip Hop age 9-12 AD
    Sunday 12:00pm Level 1 Acro age 9-12 TBA
Monday 7:30pm Level 3 Teen Tap ND Wednesday 8:15pm Level 3 Teen Acro HB
Monday 8:15pm Level 2 Teen Ballet/Lyrical ND Thursday 7:45pm Level 1 Teen Jazz AP
Monday 8:15pm Level 2 Teen Musical Theatre AP Sunday 12:00pm Level 1 Teen Hip Hop AD
Wednesday 7:30pm Level 3 Teen Hip Hop TBA Sunday 12:45pm Level 1 Teen Acro TBA
9 Week Sessions
Age 2-3 (30 Minutes) Age 3-5
Date/Time TBA Level 1 Combo Class age 2-3 TBA Saturday 9:15am Level 1 Combo Class age 3-5 ND
Age 6-8   Age 9-12
Sunday 10:30am Level 1 Combo Class age 6-8 TBA Thursday 5:15pm Jazz Technique ND
Teen Adult
Wednesday 8:15pm Level 1 Teen Combo Class TBA Thursday 8:30pm Adult Combo Class AP
Levels Instructors
Level 1: 0-1 years total dance experience ND = Ms. Natalie Di Michele
Level 2: 2-4 years dance experience MM = Ms. Mariana Mangevil
Level 3: 5 or more years dance experience AP = Ms. Andrea Paspalis
  HB = Ms. Hannah Burkholder
Dependent on skill level age categories can be plus or minus 1 year. AD = Mr. Adam Davidson
Dancers need instructor’s permission to join an older age group. JB = Miss. Jasmine Bentivoglio
  TBA= To Be Announced
Email: Phone Number: 905-642-3390 Website:

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